Yamandú Costa

Si os gusta la música brasileña, os recomiendo ir a sus raices viendo la pelicula documental sobre el Choro :"Brasileirinho"

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Ermanno Gioacchini, director, dramatherapist dijo...

His style of guitar playing is too impetuous at times, I would say noisy, and breaks the harmony of the song ... at least that's what I feel also because I do not think that music is that of a flamenco. However, the musician is good; too shame to lose contact with the listener. Absorption in himself that probably speaks of excessive narcissism, I guess. I'm not a good musician but an excellent linster of guitar. Hug, Ermanno

miklou dijo...

Hello Ermanno, thanks for your comments. I like your blog and I have become your fan. hugs Lou

Ermanno Gioacchini, director, dramatherapist dijo...

You're welcome! Indeed...a good fan...should leave some message there! On the contrary, I must come here to talk with you! Of course, I'm joking...bye friend.